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Ford Motor Company's Federal Government Sales Department is contracted with the GSA Automotive Division to provide vehicles to eligible US federal agencies. The information contained in this section is for Federal Government customers only and you must be signed in to view.


Debra Hairston

Office number: (313) 390-1095

Mobile number: (313) 971-9657


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Ford Motor Company's State and Local Government Sales Program is designed to provide discounted vehicle pricing to eligible state and local governmental agencies. Our exclusive pricing allows a government agency to be eligible for either a Government Price Concession (GPC) OR a fleet incentive on any vehicles purchased.

Ford Motor Company understands the diverse needs of government agencies and is proud to offer a full line of Fleet vehicles. From our complete selection of law enforcement vehicles to the most comprehensive truck line in the industry, Ford Motor Company will help you get the job done.

Ron Anderson
Office number: (313) 390-1058
Mobile number: (313) 407-2973

If you are a State or Local Government Agency, you must have purchased, registered or leased one new vehicle (any make or model) in the agency name during the current model year or within the last 12 months OR currently operate a fleet of three or more vehicles (owned or leased) in an agency name to be eligible for a Ford Fleet Identification Number (FIN). To learn more about becoming a Ford Fleet Customer and obtaining a FIN Code, please visit our eligibility requirements página.

If your agency currently has a Ford Fleet FIN Code and would like access to the Ford Fleet Website, please visit our Website Registration page.

Please contact your local concesionario to discuss your vehicle needs.

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2021 F-150 Police Responder Brochure
12.1" Integrated Computer Screen
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El equipo no original puede afectar negativamente el desempeño anticolisiones del vehículo. For example, push-bars could adversely affect airbag deployment in frontal impacts and prisoner barricades could result in head and neck trauma in high-speed rear impacts. Debido a la variabilidad del equipo instalado, en base a los requisitos de los organismos de seguridad individuales, Ford no prueba la funcionalidad de equipos no originales con componentes Ford. Las fuerzas policiales deben equilibrar las necesidades de función y otras inquietudes de seguridad de oficiales cuando se equipan vehículos policiales con equipo no original.