Vehículos Policiales de Ford 


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Profile of ford police interceptor utility

Tecnología Híbrida

Hybrid powertrains are ideal for law enforcement use, thanks to significant potential fuel savings from reduced engine idling time. While on duty, even at idle, police vehicles must constantly keep their engines running to power lighting packages, radios, computers and other electrical equipment. Ford hybrid powertrains engineered for police use significantly reduce engine idling time by powering these electrical loads, along with the air conditioning compressor, using the lithium-ion hybrid battery. This allows the engine to run less, only intermittently called upon to top off the battery.
Ford police interceptor on patrol

Standard Full-Time Intelligent AWD

The preemptive full-time Intelligent AWD System is standard on Police Interceptor® Utility. It has been specifically designed and calibrated to complement pursuit driving. By distributing torque to all four wheels, the Intelligent AWD System provides improved handling stability and traction in challenging driving conditions.

Tren Motriz Calibrado para la Policía

All engine and transmission tuning parameters have been programmed specifically for pursuit driving. The transmission gearing will track with the driver's maneuvers to optimize response and performance. No additional input is required from the driver - the system automatically detects when the vehicle is in pursuit mode and acts accordingly.
Cutaway view of ford police interceptor utility

Opciones de Motores

A variety of engine choices across the Ford police lineup delivers impressive power. The standard 3.3L hybrid delivers a combined system 318 hp* in the Police Interceptor Utility, while an available 3.0L EcoBoost® outputs 400 hp under the hood. The F-150 Police Responder® offers a powerful 3.5L EcoBoost engine that generates 375 hp and a muscular 470 lb.-ft. of torque.
*Se calcula a través del desempeño combinado del motor y de los motores eléctricos con potencia máxima de la batería. The calculations utilize SAE J1349® engine results and Ford electric motor dyno testing. Los resultados pueden variar.​
Ford f one fifty police responder on a country road

Exclusive Ford EcoBoost® Technology

Available on the Police Interceptor® Utility and standard on the F-150 Police Responder,® EcoBoost gives you the acceleration and closing speed that pursuit driving demands while delivering impressive performance. Two turbochargers effectively deliver horsepower with no turbo lag or hesitation. A high-pressure direct-injection fuel system delivers a mist of vaporized fuel directly into the cylinders during the intake stroke, allowing the engine to breathe more freely and contributing to its efficiency.
Logo Ford Ecoboost
The ford police interceptor utility on a snowy road


Tuned to deliver improved handling during pursuit driving and aggressive maneuvers.
The ford police interceptor utility

El Potente V6 3.3L

Optional on the Police Interceptor® Utility, this naturally aspirated engine delivers 285 horsepower. It also offers the flexibility of operating on E85 fuel in all 50 states.
Ford police interceptor utility patrols the city

AdvanceTrac® With RSC® (Roll Stability Control™)

The uniquely police-calibrated system continuously monitors performance and conditions, automatically applying brakes and adjusting engine torque* when the system detects wheelslip – for confident driving in various driving situations.
*Recuerda que aun la más avanzada tecnología no puede superar las leyes de la física. Siempre es posible perder el control del vehículo debido al inapropiado manejo del conductor en ciertas condiciones.
El equipo no original puede afectar negativamente el desempeño anticolisiones del vehículo. Por ejemplo, las barras de empuje pueden afectar negativamente la activación de una bolsa de aire en impactos frontales y las barreras para prisioneros pueden generar traumatismo en la cabeza y cuello en impactos traseros a alta velocidad. Debido a la variabilidad del equipo instalado, en base a los requisitos de los organismos de seguridad individuales, Ford no prueba la funcionalidad de equipos no originales con componentes Ford. Las fuerzas policiales deben equilibrar las necesidades de función y otras inquietudes de seguridad de oficiales cuando se equipan vehículos policiales con equipo no original.