Why was my Ford warranty coverage denied?

Ford Motor Company puede denegar la cobertura de la garantía para una reparación aunque tu vehículo esté todavía dentro del período de la Garantía Limitada para Vehículos Nuevos o de la Garantía del Tren Motriz. 

Warranty coverage is determined by your Concesionario Ford as part of the diagnosis process for a requested repair. It is possible that an individual repair may be denied, but the vehicle warranty remains in effect for other valid warranty repairs.

Reasons for warranty denial may include the following:

  • The vehicle has not been properly maintained.
  • The vehicle concern was caused by improper operation.
  • The vehicle has been modified.
  • The warranty has been voided.
  • The title has been branded.

The above list is provided as a reference and does not cover all situations. For more information on warranty coverage, refer to your Guía de Garantía online or located in your glove box, or contact your dealer.

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