What is the Ford warranty on tires?

El Garantía Limitada (V. Nuevos) covers tire defects in factory-supplied material or workmanship for 100% of labor costs and on a pro rata adjustment basis for parts. For vehicles within the New Vehicle Limited Warranty time in service coverage period, defective tires will be replaced on a pro rata adjustment basis according to the following mileage-based Reimbursement Schedule:

Ford Cars and Light Trucks (Vehicle must be within three years of the Fecha de Inicio de la Garantía.)

Millas Recorridas 

 Percent of Parts Covered by Ford 

 1 - 12,000


 12,001 - 24,000


 24,001 - 36,000


Note: The tire manufacturer may also provide you with a separate tire warranty that extends beyond the New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage. A copy of your Tire Warranty is provided in the glovebox at the time of purchase and is also available online with your Manual del Propietario information.

Información Adicional

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