¿Dónde puedo encontrar detalles sobre suscripción a Alexa Integrado?

If your vehicle has the Alexa Built-in feature, the following subscription details will apply:

  • Your vehicle will receive Alexa Built-in for three years.
  • Note: Your modem has to be authorized to utilize Alexa.
  • The start of the three-year period will still commence depending on the delivery method.
    • Over the Air (OTA) Capability Date - free trial starts when the Alexa feature is delivered via vehicle software updates. 
    • Warranty Date - the Alexa Built-in feature is delivered in the plant (vehicle production) and free trial begins with your warranty start date. 
  • 2022 Model Year vehicles will receive a 30-day trial to Ford Streaming.
  • Note: All other vehicles are excluded from the 30-day trial and a Connected Service plan purchase will be required. 
  • Auto-renew will take effect after the paid trial or until you cancel.
  • You will receive a prorated refund if you cancel your Connected Service plan for the remainder of the days left in the month. 
  • Note: If you cancel on the last day of the active month, you will not receive a refund.
  • The Connected Service plan is paid monthly based on enrollment purchase dates. 

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