How do I connect Apple CarPlay®* to SYNC®** 4?

Apple CarPlay helps you control some apps from your iPhone®*** using Siri®, your vehicle's touchscreen, or steering wheel controls.

The steps below show you how to connect your iPhone with Apple Carplay to SYNC 4.

Phone is Not Paired

  1. Ensure you are in a safe, well-ventilated area and start your vehicle.
  2. Tap Phone on your vehicle's SYNC screen.
  3. Select Add Phone
  4. Go to Settings on your iPhone. 
  5. Tap Bluetooth
  6. Select your vehicle name on your iPhone's discovery list.  A Bluetooth Pairing Request pop-up will appear on your iPhone with a PIN. 
  7. Confirm that the PIN matches the code displayed on your vehicle's SYNC screen.
  8. Tap Yes when prompted. 
  9. Select Pair on your iPhone. Allow Contacts and Favorites Sync? will appear on your iPhone. 
  10. Tap Allow to download phone contacts to your vehicle's SYNC system. After a few seconds, Use CarPlay with SYNC 4? will appear on your iPhone. 
  11. Select Use CarPlay.  Would you like to enable CarPlay? will appear on your vehicle's SYNC screen.
  12. Tap the Enable button. Connecting to Apple CarPlay will appear and Apple CarPlay will launch on your SYNC screen. 

Phone is Paired

  1. Ensure you are in a safe, well-ventilated area and start your vehicle.
  2. Tap Settings on your vehicle's SYNC screen.
  3. Select the Phone List setting.
  4. Touch the applicable iPhone from the displayed list.
  5. Select Enable.    

Información Adicional

¿Cómo desconecto Apple CarPlay de SYNC 4?

*Requires phone with active data service and compatible software. SYNC 3 no controla los productos de terceros cuando está en uso. Los proveedores externos son los únicos responsables por su respectiva funcionalidad.

**Don’t drive while distracted. Usa sistemas operados por voz cuando sea posible; no uses dispositivos portátiles mientras conduces. Es posible que algunas características estén desactivadas cuando el vehículo está en marcha. No todas las características son compatibles con todos los teléfonos. 

***iPhone, Apple CarPlay, and Siri are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.