What do I do if I cannot hear a ringtone when receiving calls using Android Auto™* with SYNC®** 3?

If you are unable to hear an incoming call with Android Auto on SYNC 3:

  1. Confirm your phone is connected to SYNC via Bluetooth®*** by checking your device's Bluetooth connection list and enabling SYNC.
  2. Use your vehicle's SYNC screen to complete the following:
    1. Tap the Settings tab.
    2. Presiona Teléfono.
    3. Touch Set Phone Ringtone
    4. Tap Use Phone Ringtone.
  3. Connect your phone to Android Auto

If these steps do not resolve your issue, contact the Customer Relationship Center by calling 800-392-3673 or clicking LIVE CHAT.

Información Adicional

How do I disable Android Auto with SYNC?

*Android Auto is a trademark of Google LLC.

**Don’t drive while distracted. Usa sistemas operados por voz cuando sea posible; no uses dispositivos portátiles mientras conduces. Es posible que algunas características estén desactivadas cuando el vehículo está en marcha. No todas las características son compatibles con todos los teléfonos.

***The Bluetooth word mark is a trademark of the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. (If also using Bluetooth logos, use the following: The Bluetooth work mark and logos are trademarks of the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.)