What do I do if I'm having issues with SYNC® AppLink®*?

When I select "Find New Apps," SYNC does not find any applications.
Ensure you have a compatible smartphone:

  • Android with OS 2.3 or higher
  •  iPhone 3GS or newer with iOS 5.0 or higher

Ensure your phone is paired and connected to SYNC in order to find AppLink-capable apps on your device. iPhones must connect to SYNC's USB port with an Apple USB cable. 

My phone is connected, but I still cannot find any apps.

  • Ensure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the app from your phone's app store.
  • Ensure the app is running on your phone. Some apps require you to register or login on the app on the phone before using them with AppLink.
  • Some apps may have a Ford SYNC setting. Check the app's settings menu on your phone.

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My phone is connected, my apps are running, but I still cannot find any apps.
Sometimes apps do not properly close and re-open their connection to SYNC, over ignition cycles, for example.

Close and restart the apps to help SYNC find the application:

  • On an Android device, if apps have an "Exit' or 'Quit' option, select that then restart the app. If the app does not have that option, you can also manually "Force Close" the app by going to the phone's settings menu, selecting 'Apps.' then finding the particular app and choosing 'Force stop.' Restart the app afterwards, then select "Find New Apps" on SYNC.
  • On an iPhone with iOS7+, to force close an app, double-tap the home button then swipe up on the app to close it. Tab the home button again, then select the app again to restart it. After a few seconds, the app should then appear in SYNC's Mobile App's Menu. 

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My Android phone is connected, my app(s) are running, I restarted them, but I still cannot find any apps.
There is a Bluetooth®**** bug on some older versions of the Android operating system that may cause apps that were found on your previous vehicle drive to not be found again if you have not turned off Bluetooth. Reset the Bluetooth on your phone by turning it off and then turning Bluetooth back on. If you are in your vehicle, SYNC should be able to automatically re-connect to your phone if you press the "Phone" button.

My iPhone is connected, my app is running, I restarted the app but I still cannot find it on SYNC.
The USB connection to SYNC may need to be reset. Unplug the USB cable from the phone, wait a moment, and plug the USB cable back into the phone. After a few seconds, the app should appear in SYNC's Mobile Apps Menu. If not, "Force Close" the application and restart it.

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I have an Android phone. I found and started my media app on SYNC, but there is no sound or the sound is very low.
The Bluetooth volume on the phone may be low. Increase the Bluetooth volume of the device by using the device's volume control buttons which are most often found on the side of the device.

I can only see some of the AppLink apps running on my phone listed in SYNC's Mobile Apps Menu.
Some Android devices have a limited number of Bluetooth ports apps can use to connect. If you have more AppLink apps on your phone than the number of available Bluetooth ports, you will not see all of your apps listed in SYNC's mobile apps menu.

Force close or uninstall the apps you do not want SYNC to find. If the app has a "Ford SYNC" setting, disable that setting in the app's settings menu on the phone.

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*Commands may vary by phone and AppLink software.

**Android es marca registrada de Google LLC.

***iPhone es una marca comercial de Apple Inc., registrada en EE. UU. y otros países.

****La palabra Bluetooth es marca registrada de Bluetooth SIG, Inc.