Ford Vehicle Reservation to Order Information

Details on the process of changing your reservation to an order can be found below.

Reservation to Order Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change my vehicle reservation specifications?

Yes, all customers with a vehicle reservation will get the opportunity to finalize their order spec including selecting your preferred exterior color and/or adding packages during the final ordering process. We encourage you to review the new packages and features available prior to placing your order on

Can I change or update my vehicle specifications after I submit my order?

After ordering your vehicle online, you will need to contact the dealer to update or change your vehicle order.

Once you receive notification that your vehicle has been assigned for production, no further changes can be made.

¿Qué es un pedido en línea?

An order sends the vehicle configuration to the selected dealer who will then process your order request.*

¿Estoy pidiendo este vehículo directamente a Ford?

The vehicle order is being placed on behalf of you by your selected Concesionario Ford.

What is the dealer selling price?

The dealer selling price is the price the dealer is willing to sell the vehicle to you in a purchase transaction. The dealer selling price excludes dealer installed options, available incentives. This does not take into account governmental taxes and fees, or dealer fees. The dealer's final selling price may be subject to change. All current available incentives and fees will be applied at purchase. You should see your dealer for details.

¿Qué es un depósito del concesionario?

This is the deposit the dealer will receive to process your online vehicle order. The dealer deposit will be applied towards the purchase price of the vehicle.**

Important: Dealer deposit refund policy may vary based on the selected dealer. You should ask the dealer for their refund policy before placing your order.

What happens to the reservation deposit paid to Ford, when I order my vehicle?

The reservation deposit will be refunded back to the original form of payment within 10 days after placing the order.*** 

Can I change my reservation configuration before I submit my order?

Yes, you can modify your configuration prior to order, depending on the vehicle model and configuration selected. Please contact your dealer to make changes.

¿Puedo cambiar o actualizar mi vehículo después de enviar mi pedido?

After ordering your vehicle, you should contact your dealer to update or change your vehicle order.  

¿Puedo llamar o visitar a mi concesionario para hacer mi pedido?

Yes, your dealer can assist you with submitting and processing your order.

¿Cuándo recibiré mi vehículo?

Los plazos de entrega reales pueden variar según el modelo del vehículo y la configuración seleccionada, la residencia y la demanda. Once the vehicle is scheduled, you will receive further notification

Información Adicional

Preguntas Frecuentes sobre Reserva de Vehículo

*Al enviar un pedido y completar el proceso de pedido, no estás comprando un vehículo. El pedido no garantiza la entrega de tu vehículo.

**By paying a dealer deposit, you are agreeing to the dealer’s selling price for the selected vehicle. Consulta a tu concesionario para obtener más detalles.

***By completing the reservation process, you are not ordering or purchasing a vehicle. Participation in the program does not guarantee you vehicle delivery. Your reservation does not guarantee a set price for the vehicle.