How do I safely use the 110V power outlet in my Ford Maverick?

The power outlet in your Maverick can power devices that use a standard, household plug. There are safety precautions and limitations you should be aware of when using this outlet.

Power Outlet Precautions

  • Do not keep electrical devices plugged into the power outlet when the device is not in use. The power supply may turn on during a remote start.
  • Do not use an extension cord to run multiple devices with the power outlet. Doing so may cause the power outlet to overload, resulting in fire or serious injury. 
  • Do not use devices that exceed the 400-watt power limit.

Power Outlet Limitations

You should not use the power outlet for the following types of electrical devices:

  • Cathode-ray tube-type televisions
  • Items with high motor loads (e.g., vacuum cleaners, electric saws, and other electric power tools, or compressor-driven refrigerators)
  • Measuring devices that process precise data (e.g., medical equipment or measuring equipment)
  • Other appliances that require an extremely stable power supply (e.g., microcomputer-controlled electric blankets or touch sensor lamps)

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