What do I do if I am unable to create a Ford Account?

Es posible que recibas un mensaje de error cuando intentes crear una cuenta de Ford. Certain rules apply to the email address that you use to register:

  • Ensure you are using Chrome, Edge, or another browser to create your Ford account. Ford websites no longer support the Internet Explorer browser.
  • The email address should have only one @ symbol.
  • Certain special characters are not allowed such as spaces, closing braces, semi-colons, and tick marks.
  • The length of the email address before the @ symbol should be more than one character (a@aol.com will fail because it is only 1 character).
  • Do not add a period after @.
  • Do not use any of the following values: 'NO,' 'NONE,' 'NOSPAM,' 'NA,' 'N/A,' 'NOT,' 'EMAIL,' 'TEST,' 'INFO,' 'ADMIN,' 'SPAM,' 'WEB, 'ABUSE,' 'ADMIN,' 'COMMENTS,' 'HELP,' 'HOSTMASTER,' 'POSTMASTER,' PRIVACY,' 'REGISTRAR,' 'SALES,' 'SECURITY,' 'SPAM,' 'SUPPORT,' 'SYSADMIN,' or 'WEBMASTER'. 

If you receive error messages such as "Call failed, please try again later" or "Account Already Exists," contact the Ford Customer Relationship Center using our Chat en Vivo option or by calling 1-800-392-3673.

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