What Is Ford Doing to Protect My Vehicle from Threats to Data Security?

Para nosotros, la seguridad de datos es muy importante. Ford se esfuerza de manera constante para mitigar las amenazas cibernéticas relacionadas con tu vehículo conectado al hacer lo siguiente:

  • Protecting your privacy by ensuring transparency and appropriate consent in the collection and use of all customer data.
  • Focusing on the security of your data before the introduction of any new technology feature by instituting policies, procedures and, safeguards to help customers’ protection.

Within your Ford vehicle, software and hardware are protected by rigorous safeguards for all electronic systems, whether they are hardwired or wireless. Las medidas de seguridad del sistema Ford incluyen:

  • Ford hardware has a built-in firewall and “white-listed” functions that separate the vehicle control systems network from the communications and entertainment network and functions.
  • We use “threat modeling” to review potential attack and security issues and have designed controls to address those items.
  • Our modems use cryptography solutions to prohibit updates to the modem software or access to potentially sensitive information.
  • All software updates must be “code signed” and recognized as coming from Ford in order to update the system.