Ford Bronco Off-Road Hero Switch Pack: Features at Your Fingertips

Detrás del volante de tu SUV Ford Bronco™, la aventura no empieza hasta que comiences a conducir. When you do, you can easily control the plot with the available Off-Road Hero Switch Pack.

Conveniently located on the top of the dashboard for quick access, these switches make it easy to stay in control while off-road. Depending on the Bronco vehicle you drive, just the simple press of a button lets you engage up to six standard and available features that include:

  • Front and Rear Differential Lock: When activated, the available electronic-locking front and rear differential locks the wheels on each axle to optimize traction and improve off-road performance
  • Front Stabilizer Bar Disconnect: Allows the front stabilizer bar to be disconnected for off-road use. This allows for increased front wheel articulation to improve capability and comfort on off-road terrain. By disconnecting, the front left and right tires are able to move up and down independently
  • Trail Turn Assist: Reduce the turning radius of your vehicle by applying the brakes to the inside rear wheel in low-speed, high steering-angle maneuvers. This tech gives the vehicle the ability to get through tight bends more easily.
  • Electronic Stability Control: Activates when wheelslip is detected, and the slipping wheel will get the brakes applied so there is engine power delivered to both wheels
  • Hazard Lights: Easily and quickly activate your hazard lights from the Hero Switch Pack when warning other drivers of potential traffic hazards or when the need to exercise unusual care in approaching, overtaking or passing.