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If you have questions about your 2023 model year (MY) Bronco order being changed to 2024 MY, refer to these frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Bronco Vehicles Ordering and Next Steps FAQs

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What are the most notable updates for the 2024 MY?

Updates to the 2024 MY Bronco vehicles include:

  • The 12" touchscreen is standard on all series. 
  • The Everglades package is available for order.
  • The Bronco Base series has been discontinued. 
  • The color Area 51 is no longer offered on any Bronco models. 
  • Shelter Green and Velocity Blue are available as new paint colors on the Bronco Raptor. 
  • The color Code Orange is no longer offered on Bronco Raptor; however, there is now a Code Orange appearance package.
  • Manual transmissions are available for order on select series. 

Will 2023 MY Bronco orders that did not get produced get carried over into 2024 MY?

No. 2023 MY orders that did not get produced in the 2023 MY will not carry over. You should work with your Concesionario Ford to place a 2024 MY order based on the current 2024 MY Bronco offerings.

Will 2023 MY Bronco orders that did not get produced receive a Model Year Transition private offer?

No. Customers with a 2023 MY Bronco order that did not get produced will not receive a Model Year Transition private offer.

Do private offers apply to Bronco special editions?

No. Model Year Transition private offers will not apply to a Raptor or Heritage Limited Edition.

What is the process for updating my 2023 MY Bronco order to 2024 MY?

Contacta a tu Concesionario Ford to ask about the status of your 2023 MY scheduling. Your dealer is in the best position to help you know your place in line and advise you on the likelihood of your order being scheduled as a 2023 MY. They will also be able to assist you with placing a 2024 MY order if your 2023 MY does not get scheduled. 

What happens if I do not update my 2023 MY order to 2024 MY?

If your 2023 MY order does not get scheduled, it will be canceled. You can place a new 2024 MY order with your Concesionario Ford.

Can I place my new 2024 MY order at a new dealer?

Yes. You can place your new 2024 MY order at a new Concesionario Ford

Important: Switching dealers may result in the loss of order priority for the 2024 MY.

Can I update my 2024 MY order after I have placed it?

Yes. You can update your order until your Bronco gets scheduled for production.

What can I do to get my order built sooner?

We continue to see an overwhelming demand for certain short-supply features. Making changes to your order can improve the possibility of it being built sooner. 

Work with your Concesionario Ford to configure your order and to understand the potential pricing implications of changing your order.

Will the 2024 MY two- and four-door Bronco vehicles offer Employee Purchase Plan pricing?

Bronco will offer A-, Z-, and D-Plan pricing for all series excluding the Bronco Raptor and Bronco Heritage Limited Edition. X-Plan will not be offered on any Bronco two- or four-door models for the 2024 MY. 

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