How do I configure my Ford vehicle reservation to place an order online?

After logging in to and clicking Configure Your Vehicle, you will be taken to the Build & Price for the vehicle you reserved. Configure your vehicle in the Build & Price by:

  1. Click Select under the model you want.


  • After each selection, scroll down on the page to get to the next selection.
  • You can view the details of a specific model by clicking View Details in that model’s tile, as well as compare the different models available by clicking Compare Models under the model selections.
  1. Select a paint color.
  2. Select a powertrain if applicable.

Note: The model you select will determine the equipment group(s) available.

  1. Choose any optional PACKAGES you would like to add to the vehicle.
  2. Choose EXTERIOR selections, which include:
    • Ruedas
    • Neumáticos
    • Opciones de Exterior
    • Espejos Exteriores
  3. Choose INTERIOR selections, which include:
    • Color
    • Asientos
    • Opciones de Interior
    • Tipo de Radio
    • Mejora de Sonido

Note: Some sections may not be applicable to all vehicles or models.

  1. Choose any ACCESSORIES you want to add.


  • After selecting accessories, scroll down to view a SUMMARY of your selections. The SUMMARY provides a breakdown of any DEALER ORDERED ACCESSORIES as well as the PRICING SUMMARY.
  • Under the Continue Order button, you can view the estimated delivery time and your selected dealer’s information.
  1. Click Continue Order to be taken to the order details page where you will complete your order.

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