What is the towing capacity of my Ford?

A good rule of thumb in the towing* world is this: Know before you tow. Eso significa encontrar la capacidad de remolque exacta del vehículo Ford antes de mover una carga. The towing capacity for your particular vehicle is based on a variety of factors, including:

  • The equipment package(s) included with your vehicle.
  • The weight and structure of the payload you want to tow.
  • The number of passengers with you at the time of the tow.

To find information about your vehicle you can:

Information on the following is contained in the RV & Trailer Towing Guide:

  • Trailer Towing Selector (trailer weight by vehicle and powertrain)
  • Trailer Towing Equipment (information on required items for certain weights)
  • Maximum Trailer Weight and Towing Equipment Packages
  • Know Before You Tow (important information about towing including payload calculations)

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*Before towing, review your Manual del Propietario y RV & Trailer Towing Guide for information specific to your vehicle. You can also consult your Concesionario Ford about additional equipment needs.