Superficie de Trabajo Interior disponible de la F-150 2021 

Man working on center console work surface

Kick up Your Productivity

Eat lunch, file paperwork or use it to rest your laptop. The available Interior Work Surface lends a hand whenever and however you need it.

How It Works – Bench Seat:

Push the lever on the side of the seat and fold the seat down.

Push the latch down on the top of the work surface to move it to the forward position.

Push the latch on the side of the work surface to rotate it toward the driver.

There are 11 lockable positions in five-degree increments. Adjust how you see fit or keep it in the home position for jotting down quick notes or simple tasks.

How It Works – Bucket Seat:

Stow the console gear shifter (if equipped).

Press the button to release the folding surface and open.

Fold the work surface to close.

A few notes:

  • The work surface must be placed in the home position when driving your vehicle. You will receive an error message if it is not stowed.
  • Do not drive with the center console work surface rotated. This could interfere with steering your vehicle.
  • Do not adjust the steering column when the work surface is rotated.
  • Do not raise the seat when the work surface is in the forward or rotated positions to avoid damaging it.
  • Do not use the work surface as a handle when entering or exiting the vehicle to avoid damaging it.

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