Asientos que se Reclinan al Máximo

Recline your front seats to a nearly full-flat position

From roadside resting to campsite sanctuary, hard work requires efficient downtime. Get the rest you deserve wherever your F-150 takes you with Max Recline Seats,* available in King Ranch,® Platinum and Limited.

*Not to be used while driving.

Asientos que se Reclinan al Máximo

Kick back with front seats in a perfectly reclined position.

Aquí te decimos cómo:

  1. Flip the rear seat cushions to their upright, locked position.
  2. Remove any gear that’s in the “recline path” of your seat.
  3. Pull back the seat back switch, located on the outboard side panel of the seat cushion.
  4. Hold the switch until the seat back is in a comfortable position or until it stops moving.
  5. The front upper seat bolster tilts for extra comfort. To adjust it:
    • Use your hands to pivot it toward your shoulders.
    • After it reaches its forwardmost position, pivot it forward again to release it.

The Max Recline Seats are intended to be used while the vehicle is stationary. If you're in max recline mode while the vehicle is moving, a chime sounds and a warning appears in the instrument cluster. These can be turned off by moving the seat back to its upright position.

To return the seat to its home position, hold the seat back switch forward until the seat back returns to your preferred position.

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