Cómo Quitar los Guardabarros Acampanados de una SUV Ford Bronco

Thanks to the Ford Bronco™ design (and true to its ambition to be a customizable vehicle), the fenders and fender flares of your Bronco SUV can be removed with relative ease.

To remove the fender flares, all you have to do is:

  1. In a counterclockwise direction, unlock and remove the five quarter-turn fasteners on each fender flare
  2. Pull outward on the fender flare with your hands to unseat the five pushpin clips from the sheet metal

How to Take the Fenders Off a Ford Bronco SUV

Every trail is different. So, why can't every Ford Bronco vehicle on it be unique? That's the question drivers like you have asked. Customization is the answer the Bronco designers provided.

To remove your Bronco fenders and outfit it with custom fenders:

  1. Remove the grille by opening the hood and taking out the nine pushpins that keep the air deflector in place. Once you have them out, remove the air deflector underneath the air snorkel. You will see four 10mm bolts. Remove them. Next, remove the remaining clips and the grille will slide out
  2. Unclip and remove the body panel beneath the grille. Remove the plastic components that retained the panel you just removed. Each is held in place by three 8mm bolts
  3. Remove one 10mm bolt and two 10mm nuts to remove the trail sights
  4. Disconnect the front fender from the wheel well by removing four 7mm bolts and five pushpins
  5. Take out the panel closing the fender-to-body gap by the front door by removing the four pushpins
  6. Remove an 8mm bolt at the top of the fender, two 10mm bolts at the bottom rear and four 10mm bolts at the top. The aluminum panel should now come off
  7. Place the bolts, screws, fasteners and pins in a secure place for reinstallation

How to Take the Rear Quarter Panel Off a Ford Bronco SUV

Like its front counterparts, rear quarter panels can be removed relatively easily with the right tools and by following these steps:

  1. Open the rear gate and remove the plastic/rubber panel concealing the hinge area
  2. Remove the body-color panel beneath the taillamp
  3. If equipped, remove two T15 Torx fasteners that retain the blind-spot monitoring sensor from behind the panel to get to the fasteners
  4. Remove the four 10mm bolts that secure the lower rear corner of the quarter panel
  5. Remove 13 more 10mm bolts that hold the quarter panel on. One is above the taillamp at the far rear, five surround the wheel well and three fasten the forward edge to the doorjamb. Finally, remove the four bolts along the top surface. The fender should come off easily
  6. Place the bolts, screws, fasteners and pins in a secure place for reinstallation

Note: Fender flares should only be removed for off-road driving.