Superficie de Trabajo en la Puerta Trasera de la Ford F-150 2021

Your Any Place Workplace

When it comes to the job site, you can always use a little more workspace in your 2021 Ford F-150. That's why we've improved functionality both inside and outside of your vehicle. Here's what we've got so your truck does more work for you:

Available built-in rulers, a mobile device/tablet holder, cupholder and small item storage. We started small and built our way up.

The available Tailgate Work Surface provides a flat workstation built using durable composite construction with a grained texture to provide a little extra grip. No more flyaway blueprints or sliding 2x4s.

Fold down the tailgate, and you'll find two clamp pockets in the front edge. Or, if you're transporting a load, tie-downs are located on the sides of the tailgate and are used to secure long items (like long pieces of lumber, pipes or ladders) while transporting. Bonus: They double as bottle openers.