How often should I change the engine air filter in my Ford?

Ford Motor Company recomienda que reemplaces este filtro cada 15,000-30,000 millas, según el modelo de tu vehículo.

Pero quizás lo quieras reemplazar más seguido si:

  • You drive on dirt roads or in excessively dusty conditions.
  • You see a lot of dirt or debris in the filter.
  • You experience a rough idle or sluggish acceleration.
  • You experience decreased efficiency.

Refer to your Manual del Propietario y Ford Maintenance Schedule for specific information on when to replace your air filter.

Genuine Motorcraft®* Air Filters

Si cuidas a tu vehículo, él te cuidará a ti. And when you use a Motorcraft air filter, you are using a factory-approved replacement part that is specifically made for your vehicle.

Los beneficios que ofrecen los filtros de aire Motorcraft incluyen:

  • More than 98% efficiency in stopping dust.
  • Treated filter material for better capacity and efficiency.
  • Tight, leak-proof polyurethane seals.
  • Extreme temperature resistance.
  • Application-specific filters, not “one size fits all.”

Visita tu Concesionario Ford o Repuestos Ford for a replacement Motorcraft air filter.

*Motorcraft is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company.