Capacidad de la Ford Bronco Sport 4x4: Características Inteligentes para Conducir

Your Ford Bronco™ Sport is engineered to deliver capability thanks to a sophisticated Terrain Management System™ we call G.O.A.T. Modes™ Goes Over Any Type of Terrain. Just turn the knob and the system automatically turns on and disperses power to all four wheels for maximum traction.

Now, no matter where your adventure takes you, the system will adjust to the changing road conditions, adjusting torque and transferring power to the front wheels when wheelslip is detected. When wheelslip is not likely, the system continuously monitors and adjusts torque distribution to improve performance.

Ford Bronco Sport Advanced 4x4: Twin-Clutch Rear Drive Unit with Locking Function

If you find yourself in a rut or you're navigating steep, loose terrain where extra traction would help*, the Bronco Sport Badlands™ advanced 4x4 system features a twin-clutch rear drive unit. The unit has two clutch packs that control each rear wheel independently, allowing increased 4x4 performance in low traction surfaces, while allowing vehicle propulsion to be delivered by a single rear wheel even when the other three wheels have no traction.

To further increase capability, the system includes the Rear Differential Lock feature. Rear Differential Lock takes advantage of the twin-clutch hardware to allow greater off-road performance, similar to a traditional mechanical locker.

*Always consult the owner's manual before off-road driving, know your terrain and trail difficulty and use appropriate safety gear.

How to Use the Ford Bronco Sport Twin-Clutch Rear Locking Differential

Vehicle shown with optional features.

You can activate and deactivate the rear locking differential feature**, while moving within the operating speed range by:

  • Pressing the button on the lower right side of the G.O.A.T. Mode dial
  • To disengage, press the button again. The feature disengages when the vehicle speed exceeds a set value and it re-engages when the vehicle speed goes below a set value. It engages and is only available in select G.O.A.T Modes

Please note: The twin-clutch rear differential lock feature is for use in mud, rocks, sand or off-road conditions where maximum traction is needed. It is not intended for use on dry pavement.

**Equipped on Badlands and First Edition Ford Bronco Sport models.