¿Cómo destrabo mi Ford sin una llave?

If you locked your keys inside your vehicle and a spare key is not available, you may still be able to unlock your vehicle using the FordPass®* App, your keyless entry code, or Roadside Assistance.

Unlocking Your Vehicle

Select the method you are using from the drop-down options below to learn how to unlock your Ford without a key:

Remote Unlock Using the FordPass App

If you previously downloaded the FordPass App and activated FordPass®** Connect (SYNC Connect® for 2018 and previous model-year vehicles), you can remotely unlock your vehicle.

To unlock your vehicle using FordPass:

  1. Tap Home in the FordPass App.
  2. Select a vehicle.
  3. Press and hold the Unlock button until the circle starts spinning.

Keyless Entry Code (If Equipped)

The keyless entry code lets you unlock the vehicle's doors by using your 5-digit entry code. Enter your 5-digit code to unlock the driver's door. 

Note: The factory-set 5-digit keyless entry code is provided on a wallet-sized card with the Manual del Propietario.

Asist. en el Camino

If you are unable to unlock your vehicle, contact Roadside Assistance at 1-800-241-3673. Roadside Assistance is included with your vehicle's Garantía Limitada (V. Nuevos)Garantía de Tren Motriz. It is also included with certain ​Planes de servicio extendido Ford Protect​.

Note: Ford cannot remotely unlock a vehicle.

Información Adicional

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*The FordPass App, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available through a free download. Se pueden aplicar tarifas por mensajes de texto y datos.

**FordPass Connect (optional on select vehicles), the FordPass App, and Complimentary Connected Services are required for remote features (see FordPass Terms for details). Connected Services and features depend on compatible AT&T network availability. La tecnología que evoluciona/red móvil/capacidad del vehículo pueden limitar la funcionalidad e impedir el funcionamiento de las características conectadas. Connected services exclude Wi-Fi hotspot.