¿Cómo encuentro la ranura de respaldo de la llave inteligente en mi Ford?

Si tu llave inteligente no tiene carga o las frecuencias de las teclas están bloqueadas, no podrás encender el vehículo. If this happens, place your key into the backup slot to start the engine.

How to locate the backup slot in your vehicle:

  1. Go to your Manual del Propietario.
  2. Go to the Starting and Stopping the Engine section.
  3. Locate directions for Keyless Starting.
  4. Find the instructions for “If you are unable to start your vehicle...”.

How to search the Owner's Manual: 

  • For the HTML version, use the search bar at the top.
  • For the PDF format, press CTRL + F to open a search box in your browser.
  • Use the search term "If you are unable to start your vehicle" for information on how to find the backup slot and how to start your vehicle.

Note: The location of the backup slot varies. It can be found in the console storage compartment, cup holder, or other location depending on your vehicle. 

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