Why is the FordPass®* App not responding?

If you receive the message stating FordPass has become unresponsive, please attempt the following:

  1. Check for FordPass App updates on your mobile device. If you are unsure if your app version is up-to-date, please search for FordPass in your respective app store.
    • If the update option appears, please update and try using FordPass again.
    • If the FordPass App shows as up-to-date, please continue to troubleshoot using the steps below.
  2. Check your cellular strength and or Wi-Fi connection.
    1. Wi-Fi connection 
      • If Wi-Fi is turned off, turn Wi-Fi on and attempt to connect.
      • If Wi-Fi is turned on, turn Wi-Fi off and attempt to connect using cellular data.
    2. Cellular connection 
      • If cellular data is turned off, turn cellular data on and attempt to connect.
      • If cellular data is turned on, turn cellular data off and attempt to connect using Wi-Fi.
  3. Force close FordPass.
    1. Android devices
      1. Open your device's Settings.
      2. Scroll down and select Apps (this is usually found in the Device section).
      3. Scroll down and tap an app.
      4. Select FordPass.
      5. Tap the Stop or Force Stop option.
      6. Tap OK to confirm the action.
    2. Dispositivos iOS sin un botón de Inicio
      1. Deslízate hacia arriba desde la parte inferior de la pantalla y ubícate en el medio de la pantalla.
      2. Swipe left or right until you locate FordPass.
      3. Swipe up on the FordPass App.
    3. iOS devices with a Home button 
      1. Press the Home button twice.
      2. Swipe left or right until you locate FordPass.
      3. Swipe up on the FordPass App.
  4. Log out of FordPass and then back in. 
  5. Power off your device for 30 - 60 seconds. 

If you still have trouble after attempting the steps above, please contact a Guide for additional assistance.

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*La Aplicación FordPass, compatible con algunas plataformas para smartphone, está disponible a través de una descarga gratuita. Se pueden aplicar tarifas por mensajes de texto y datos.