Why are my Scheduled Remote Starts not working in FordPass®*?

Failed scheduled starts could be due to time changes, vehicle settings, or other reasons. Use the tips outlined below for assistance. 

Scheduled Remote Start Troubleshooting Tips

We recommend checking your FordPass App, device, and vehicle settings to ensure they are aligned with the scheduled start requirements. 

FordPass App Settings

  • Confirm your scheduled start times in the FordPass App. 

    Note: FordPass does not automatically make adjustments for Daylight Savings Time. For example, if your scheduled start is for 9 a.m., your new starts will be:

    • Forward one hour (March) - 10 a.m.
    • Back one hour (November) - 8 a.m.
  • If your scheduled remote start is starting your vehicle at the wrong time, you will need to manually update your scheduled start times in FordPass.

    Note: You can try one or both of the following: 

    • Edit your existing scheduled start.
    • Delete your existing start and create a new start.
  • Ensure you are logged into FordPass with the correct Authorized Username.

Configuración del Teléfono

  • Ensure that your cellular reception is strong enough.
  • Check the signal strength on a personal device while you are in your vehicle. This will allow you to estimate the vehicle's cellular reception. If your signal strength is low:
    1. Move your vehicle to a different location with improved signal strength.
    2. Initiate the Remote lock command to ensure your vehicle is receiving a signal.

Configuraciones del Vehículo 

  • Confirm your hood and trunk are closed.
  • Check your vehicle dashboard for warning lights.
  • Resolve any Check Engine light concerns to be able to use Remote Start via FordPass.
    • Verify the Check Engine Light is off.
    • Check the FordPass message center for Check Engine light notifications.
    • Resolve any Check Engine light concerns in order to use Remote Start via FordPass.
  • Check to see if a previously Scheduled Remote Start event did not shut off automatically.
    • If your vehicle was not driven after a Scheduled Remote Start event, the next scheduled remote start will not occur.
    • If you did not drive your vehicle, instead of having your vehicle start every day, ensure the future scheduled remote starts are toggled off.
  • Check your vehicle dashboard instrument cluster to see if Remote Start is turned Off. Off is represented by an empty box. To do this:
    1. Safely enter your vehicle.
    2. Ensure that your vehicle is on, running, parked, and in a well-ventilated safe area.
    3. Using the 5-way directional pad on your steering wheel, go to Settings.
    4. Presiona OK.
    5. Scroll to Vehicle.
    6. Presiona OK.
    7. Scroll to Remote Start.
    8. Presiona OK.
    9. Scroll to System and confirm that it is set to On. 

      Note: On is represented by a checked box. 

If you continue to encounter issues, contact a Guide for additional assistance using the Account > Help options in FordPass. 

Información Adicional

How do I set scheduled starts in FordPass?

*FordPass® App, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available via a download. Se pueden aplicar tarifas por mensajes de texto y datos.