How do I resolve Power My Trip error messages?

If you experience an issue or error when attempting to add and/or save trips, waypoints (stops along the way), or view your saved trips, use the recommendations below. 

Possible Errors and Recommended Steps

Use the table below to identify your concern and the recommended steps for a resolution.

Mensaje de Error Recommendations 
Your vehicle battery level is at a zero percent charge.
  • Charge your vehicle to save or add a trip.
  • Maintain a maximum state-of-charge of 90% or less to improve battery longevity.
  • Set your max charge at 90% for daily use and 100% before going on long trips.

    Note: If your vehicle charge level is 0%, you will need to manually adjust the charge level in Trip Plan Options to create a trip. To do this, select the Filter menu and adjust the slider for the Starting Charge

Your vehicle's battery level cannot be detected. 

FordPass®* is unable to communicate with your vehicle. 

You have reached the limit for saved trips. 
  • You can only have 10 saved trips at once. 
  • You can only have one ongoing or in-progress trip at a time.
  • Once the limit is reached, edit or delete your trip list
You have exceeded your trip waypoints/stops.
  • You can only have five waypoints/stops per trip. 
  • Adjust your waypoints/stops to the allowed limit. 

If you have completed the recommended troubleshooting and still encounter issues, contact a Guide for additional assistance. 

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*La Aplicación FordPass, compatible con algunas plataformas para smartphone, está disponible a través de una descarga gratuita. Se pueden aplicar tarifas por mensajes de texto y datos.