¿Qué es el Modo Valet Mejorado?

In order to use Phone As A Key with FordPass®, you must:

  • Have the app downloaded to your device.
  • Have an active FordPass account and be logged in.
  • Have a properly equipped vehicle added to the app. Currently the Ford Mach-E.
  • Enable your Customer Connectivity Settings (CCS).
  • Authorize your embedded modem.
  • Enable your phone's Bluetooth®.
    • Bluetooth version must be 4.2+.
  • Supported mobile device running Android 8.0+ or iOS 13.0+.

Generate a temporary password and keypad code to give to your valet attendant using the FordPass Enhanced Valet Mode. Available on Phone As A Key equipped vehicles, this temporary code is good as long as your vehicle remains in Enhanced Valet Mode. Once the mode is exited, the passcode is voided, returning your vehicle to its normal operation.

To use Enhanced Valet Mode, you must first:

  • Have a Phone as a Key equipped vehicle added to the app
  • Activate its FordPass® Connect modem
  • Setup your Phone as a Key Device
  • Create your permanent Backup Passcode

Información Adicional

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