How do I get my FordPass®* account on my new phone?

You can add the FordPass App to your new device without having to create another account. Use the steps below.

  1. Ensure your new phone meets the device compatibility specifications.
  2. Bajar FordPass from the App Store®** (iOS®) or Google Play™†† (Android™).
  3. Open the FordPass App. 
  4. Log in on your new phone using your username and password from your old phone.
  5. Salir and uninstall FordPass on your old phone once FordPass is set up on your new phone. 


  • If you are having trouble logging in, you can perform a password reset.
  • Ford does not have the ability to see if someone has uninstalled FordPass.

If you need additional assistance, select to contact a Guide.

*La Aplicación FordPass, compatible con algunas plataformas para smartphone, está disponible a través de una descarga gratuita. Se pueden aplicar tarifas por mensajes de texto y datos.

**App Store es una marca de servicio de Apple Inc.

iOS is a service mark of Apple Inc.

††Google Play es una marca registrada de Google LLC.

Android es marca registrada de Google LLC.