¿Cómo determino qué características de Alexa están disponibles para mi vehículo Ford?

La tabla que aparece a continuación detalla las características de Alexa de un vistazo. La principal diferencia entre Alexa Integrado (Base) y Transmisión Ford (Premium) es la capacidad de reproducción. Wi-Fi is not required to use Ford Streaming.

  • Alexa Built-in is free for the first three years.
  • Ford Streaming is $10 for US users. 
Alexa Feature Alexa Base Premium
Local Media Control Play 92.3FM. x x
Llamada de Teléfono Call Mom. x x
Navegación Take me home. x x
Información How tall is Barack Obama? x x
Vehicle Control Set temperature to 75 degrees. x x
Personalidad Tell me a joke. x x
Clima  What's the weather like this evening? x x
Tráfico How's my commute home? x x
Compras Add diapers to my shopping list. x x
Smart Home Turn off my front porch lights.  x x
Comunicaciones Make an announcement. x x
Household Organization What's on my calendar today? x x
Flash Briefings Play my flash briefing.   x
Games Let's play Jeopardy!   x
Streaming Music Play "Hip Hop Hits" on Amazon Music.   x
Podcasts/Audiobooks Read "The Bluest Eye" on Audible   x
Long Form News Play the news.    x













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