How do I delete a service record in FordPass®*?

To delete a service record in FordPass:

  1. Open the FordPass App.
  2. Navigate to the Service landing page. 
  3. Tap the Service History tile.
  4. Select the record you want to delete. 
  5. Tap Delete.
  6. A pop-up message will appear confirming that you are permanently removing the record. 
  7. Select one of the following:
    • Yes, Delete - to remove the record.
    • Cancel - if you want to void your request. 


  • Both vehicle owners and non-vehicle owners are able to delete manually added records.
  • Records added by a Ford Dealer can only be deleted by the dealer themselves. 

Información Adicional

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*La Aplicación FordPass, compatible con algunas plataformas para smartphone, está disponible a través de una descarga gratuita. Se pueden aplicar tarifas por mensajes de texto y datos.