How do I view the Conventional Trailer Checklist in the app?

In order to use the Trailer Checklist feature in the app, you must:

  • Have a properly equipped 2021 F-series vehicle.
  • Agrega your vehicle to FordPass®.
  • Activa your FordPass® Connect modem. 

Upon clicking the Conventional Trailer option in the app, a screen will appear containing a step-by-step guide. Each time you finish a step, you can select the Mark Complete button. If you only need guidance for certain steps, you can skip all others and just tap the steps you need assistance from. The app will automatically mark any previous steps as complete.

  1. Connect & Lock Ball Coupler
  2. Hacer Todas las Conexiones Eléctricas
  3. Cruzar y Conectar las Cadenas de Seguridad
  4. Conectar el Interruptor de Emergencia por Rotura
  5. Verificación de las Luces del Remolque 
  6. Elevar el Gato Hidráulico
  7. Retirar los Calzos Debajo de las Ruedas
  8. Ajustar los Espejos
  9. Adjust Trailer Brake Controller gain Setting

Note: If you need to go back to the first step, select the Reset button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.