How do I earn FordPass® Rewards points?

FordPass Rewards Points can be earned through the purchase of Motorcraft®or Omnicraft parts, and any associated labor from participating Ford dealerships and by members participating in activities and offers from Ford, through the FordPass Rewards App or website. Point-earning opportunities could include (not all will be available at program launch):

  • Points with a new vehicle purchase for completing the following:
    • Comprar o arrendar un nuevo vehículo Ford minorista en un concesionario participante
    • Activating and maintaining FordPass Connect*
    • Joining FordPass Rewards within 60 days of purchase. 
  • Points with Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicle purchase or lease for joining within 60 days of purchase.** 
  • Having your vehicle serviced (retail repair orders only) at a participating dealer (Restrictions apply.) 
  • Setting a Preferred Dealer
  • Completar una experiencia de marca digital (por ej., encuesta, video)

*Modem must be activated within 60 days of purchase through the FordPass App on a smartphone and remain active for at least 6 month after activation. Los compradores de vehículos sin módem también recibirán Puntos después de la inscripción. Visita un concesionario participante para más detalles. 

**Buyers of Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicles will receive Points for Complimentary Maintenance after enrollment. No se requiere un módem. Visita un concesionario participante para más detalles. 

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