What is a Schedule Maintenance Minder in the FordPass®* App? 

To receive Schedule Maintenance Minders, you must:

  • Have a vehicle added to the FordPass App.
  • Your vehicle must be equipped with a 4G Wi-Fi modem.

The Scheduled Maintenance Minder is a Connected Vehicle feature designed to provide you with a better understanding of when your vehicle will require scheduled maintenance.This feature utilizes your vehicle's odometer to predict when upcoming scheduled maintenance is required, provides you with a notification 30 days in advance of your next scheduled maintenance interval, and links you to the service schedule for details on what is required. This will allow you to better plan upcoming scheduled maintenance into your busy schedule. This prediction will be displayed in a combination of date due and miles remaining before the scheduled maintenance is required.

Schedule Maintenance Criteria FordPass Mensaje
Time to Plan (Approximately 30 days prior to predicated date) Based on your mileage, it's time to plan for your next recommended service. Schedule soon to keep your vehicle running at its best.
Recommended Service Soon (14 days/ 500 miles) Based on your mileage, it's time to perform your next recommended service. Schedule soon to keep your vehicle running at its best.
Recommended Service Required (0 days/0 miles) Based on your mileage, your next recommended service is due. Perform now to keep your vehicle running at its best.


  • Hay situaciones en las que los días restantes y el millaje pueden no mostrarse debido a que los datos de uso del vehículo son inadecuados.
  • This would occur when the vehicle is brand new and the prediction model is attempting to learn the vehicle operators trip habits.
  • The prediction model may remove certain functionality (Days/Miles remaining) in the event vehicle usage has changed substantially from previous weeks of vehicle operation.
    • An example of this would be if the vehicle is utilized for normal commuting and suddenly is used for a long road trip.
    • The Prediction model is attempting to update itself at this point. Days and Miles remaining will return when the model confirms data is accurate.
  • Scheduled Maintenance Minder is reset when the vehicle reaches 500 miles or 14 days past the maintenance interval or if an in-vehicle oil life reset is detected after a Scheduled Maintenance notification has been sent.
  • In most cases it will require that the vehicle be operated for three trips/drive cycles before FordPass reflects the reset.

Información Adicional

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*La Aplicación FordPass, compatible con algunas plataformas para smartphone, está disponible a través de una descarga gratuita. Se pueden aplicar tarifas por mensajes de texto y datos.