How do I activate the BlueOval™ Charge Network Plug & Charge?

You can activate BlueOval Charge Network Plug & Charge either from or from the FordPass®* App. 


Activating Plug & Charge from your Ford Account

  1. Visita
  2. Click MY ACCOUNT.
  3. Enter your credentials.
  4. Select the vehicle you would like to activate the BlueOval Charge Network on.
  5. Below your vehicle is a CONNECTED SERVICES tile. Click on Manage Services.

Activating Plug & Charge from the FordPass App

  1. Open the Aplicación FordPass.
  2. Select BEV from your garage list.
  3. Tap on Vehicle Details
  4. Select Manage EV (Electric Vehicle). 
  5. Choose Charge Payments.
  6. Select Plug & Charge and toggle On.

Información Adicional

What is the BlueOval Charge Network?

*The FordPass App, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available through a free download. Se pueden aplicar tarifas por mensajes de texto y datos.