Why is my charge session not activating?

If you are having trouble getting your Ford electric vehicle's (EV) charging session to start, use the steps below for potential solutions to your charging issue.

Before troubleshooting, ensure the following:

Fixing Charge Session Activation Issues

To resolve your charge session activation issues, try the following steps:

  1. Unplug your vehicle from the charger. Allow the charger to reset.

    Note: Unplug the cable from the Fast Charging Adapter if you are at a Tesla Supercharger.

  2. Confirm that all connections are undamaged and free of debris.
  3. Confirm that your EV's charging port is undamaged and free from debris.
  4. Reconnect and try your session again. 

If your charge session does not begin, you may have an incompatible charger, a payment issue, or an issue with Plug & Charge. Select from the sections below for additional troubleshooting steps for your charging issue:

An Incompatible Charger

Not all chargers are compatible with your EV. You can confirm compatibility by:

Note: Chargers with known compatibility or reliability issues will be marked as "Not Recommended" and BlueOval Charge Network payments will be unavailable.

BlueOval Charge Network Payment Issue

If you received the payment issue notification or email, your BlueOval Charge Network account has been placed on hold. You will not be able to pay for future charging events until you resolve the payment issue. This may be because your default payment method has expired, been canceled, or has been suspended.

Ir a Connected Services page on the Ford website to manage your BlueOval Charge Network account and reprocess the payment.

If you need to update your default payment method, you can do this in the Wallet section of your Ford account.

You can make a direct payment to the charger provider while you wait for your account to be restored.

Plug & Charge Activation Issue

If Plug & Charge is not automatically starting your session:

If your charge session still fails to start, move to a different charger or contact the provider listed on the charger.

If you continue to receive errors: 

  • Activate the charger before plugging into your EV by:
    1. Selecting the charger in FordPass or the Public Charging App.
    2. Tapping Activate.
    3. Plugging in your EV.
  • Move to a different charger.
  • Contact the provider listed on the charger.

If you are still unable to begin a charge session, contact Ford Customer Service

If you are in need of a tow, contact Ford Roadside Assistance.

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