Where can I find charging station details for my Electric Vehicle?

After finding a Charge Station, you can select the Station Detail card, which provides the following details:

  • Station Name and Address
  • Indicaciones
    • Note: This prompt opens the native navigation app on your device.
  • Favorite location option 
  • A call button
    • Note: This prompt opens the phone app on your device. 
  • Blink Connector status*
  • Car Charging Connector status*
  • Station Location Details 
    • Hours of operation 
    • Parking information
    • Cost to charge
    • Description of the station and location 
    • PlugIn Score
  • Photographs of the station 
  • Amenities available

*Note: Blink and Car Charging are different charging networks, so those labels are dynamic. It's the current status provided by the various charging networks. Other networks will be displayed alternatively to the Blink and Car Charging.