¿Cómo determino qué características de Alexa están disponibles para mi vehículo Ford?

La tabla que aparece a continuación detalla las características de Alexa de un vistazo. The main difference between Alexa Built-In (Base) and Ford Premium Connectivity (Premium) is the capability to stream. Wi-Fi is not required to use Ford Premium Connectivity.

  • Alexa Built-in is free for the first three years.
  • Ford Premium Connectivity is $10 for US users. 
Alexa FeatureAlexaAlexa Built-InConectividad Ford Premium
Local Media ControlPlay 92.3FM.xx
Llamada de TeléfonoCall Mom.xx
NavegaciónTake me home.xx
InformaciónHow tall is Barack Obama?xx
Vehicle ControlSet the temperature to 75 degrees.xx
PersonalidadTell me a joke.xx
Clima What's the weather like this evening?xx
TráficoHow's my commute home?xx
ComprasAdd diapers to my shopping list.xx
Smart HomeTurn off my front porch lights. xx
ComunicacionesMake an announcement.xx
Household OrganizationWhat's on my calendar today?xx
Flash BriefingsPlay my flash briefing. x
JuegosLet's play Jeopardy! x
Streaming MusicPlay "Hip Hop Hits" on Amazon Music. x
Podcasts/AudiobooksRead "The Bluest Eye" on Audible x
Long Form NewsPlay the news.  x




















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