What Are the Available Ford Park Assist Features?

Active Park Assist Systems  *

Asistencia Activa para Estacionar. The Available Active Park Assist can help take the anxiety out of parallel parking. Una vez que el sistema localiza un estacionamiento adecuado, realizas un cambio de marcha, aceleras y frenas mientras el sistema hace la maniobra. Es así de simple.

Asistencia Activa para Estacionar Optimizada. If your vehicle is equipped with the available Enhanced Active Park Assist, you also get help getting out of a tight parallel parking spot, as well as assistance in reverse perpendicular parking.

Active Park Assist 2.0. With the available Active Park Assist 2.0, you can take the ease of this system a major step further. Ahora son muchas las operaciones en las que no es necesario que participes. Pressing the Active Park Assist 2.0 button scans for a suitable parking spot. After stopping, you shift into Neutral, release the brake pedal and hold down the Park Assist button. The system does the rest - steering, shifting, braking, and accelerating.  

Park Sensing Systems  *

Sistema de Detección de Marcha Hacia Adelante. The Forward Sensing System uses sensors on the front bumper to help detect objects that are in front of the vehicle. This feature allows you to navigate tight parking spaces with confidence and detects low-to-the-ground items such as parking blocks and fire hydrants.

Sistema de Detección de Marcha Atrás. The Reverse Sensing System can audibly alert you to certain objects close to the rear of the vehicle when you are slowly backing up. The system can detect what you may not see, such as other vehicles, fences, or fire hydrants. 

Sistema de Sensores Laterales. The available Side Sensing feature is an enhancement to the Forward and Reverse systems. It uses a chime and a visual diagram display on your touchscreen to indicate where the closest object to your vehicle is detected. The system uses the front and rear outermost parking aid sensors to detect objects that are near the sides of your vehicle. 

Temas Adicionales

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*Location and appearance of buttons may vary.   Manual del Propietario for information specific to your vehicle.

Las características de asistencia para el conductor son complementarias y no reemplazan la atención, el juicio del conductor ni la necesidad de controlar el vehículo.   Manual del Propietario para conocer los detalles y las limitaciones.