The Lane-Keeping System* is not working on my Ford. What do I do?

¿Por qué la característica no está disponible (las marcas de los carriles son grises) cuando puedo ver las marcas de los carriles en el camino? 

Possible causes

  • Your vehicle speed is outside the operational range of the feature. 
  • El sol brilla directamente en el lente de la cámara. 
  • A quick intentional lane change has occurred. 
  • Your vehicle stays too close to the lane markings. 
  • Driving at high speeds in curves. 
  • The last alert warning or aid intervention occurred a short time ago. 
  • Ambiguous lane markings, for example in construction zones. 
  • Rapid transition from light to dark, or from dark to light. 
  • Sudden offset in lane markings. 
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) or AdvanceTrac™ is active. 
  • There is a camera blockage due to dirt, grime, fog, frost, or water on the windshield. 
  • You are driving too close to the vehicle in front of you. 
  • Transitioning between no lane markings to lane markings or vice versa. 
  • There is standing water on the road. 
  • Faint lane markings, for example, partial yellow lane markings on concrete roads. 
  • Lane width is too narrow or too wide. 
  • The camera has not been calibrated after a windshield replacement. 
  • Driving on tight roads or uneven roads. 

Why does the vehicle not come back toward the middle of the lane, as expected, in the Aid or Aid + Alert mode? 

Possible causes

  • High crosswinds are present. 
  • There is a large road crown. 
  • Rough roads, grooves, or shoulder drop-offs. 
  • Heavy uneven loading of the vehicle or improper tire inflation pressure. 
  • The tires have been changed, or the suspension has been modified. 

Temas Adicionales

What is the Lane-Keeping System?
¿Qué es el Sistema de Alerta para el Conductor?

*Driver-assist features are supplemental and do not replace the driver’s attention, judgment, and need to control the vehicle.   Manual del Propietario para conocer los detalles y las limitaciones.