The Ford Active Park Assist System Is not Working. ¿Qué Hago?

Issue: The system does not search for a parking space

Possible causes

  • You may have switched the traction control off.  
  • La transmisión está en reversa (R). El vehículo se debe estar moviendo hacia adelante para detectar un espacio para estacionar.  

Issue: The system does not offer a parking space.  

Possible causes

  • The sensors may be blocked. For example, snow, ice, or dirt buildup. Blocked sensors can affect how the system functions.  
  • There is not enough room in the parking space for your vehicle to safely park.
  • There is not enough space for the parking maneuver on the opposite side of the parking space. 
  • The parking space is more than 5 ft (1.5 m) or less than 2 ft (.5 m) away.  
  • The vehicle speed is greater than 22 mph (35 km/h) for parallel parking or greater than 19 mph (30 km/h) for perpendicular parking.  
  • You recently disconnected or replaced the battery. After you reconnect the battery, you must drive your vehicle on a straight road for a short period of time.  

Issue: The system does not correctly position your vehicle in a parking space.

Possible causes

  • Your vehicle is rolling in the opposite direction of the current transmission position. For example, rolling forward when in reverse (R).   
  • An irregular curb along the parking space prevents the system from correctly aligning your vehicle.
  • Vehicles or objects bordering the space may not be correctly parked.  
  • Your vehicle stopped too far past the parking space.
  • The tires may not be correctly installed or maintained. For example, not inflated correctly, improper size, or of different sizes.  
  • A repair or alteration changes the detection capabilities.
  • A parked vehicle has a high attachment. For example, a salt sprayer, snowplow, or moving truck bed. 
  • The parking space length or position of parked objects changes after your vehicle passes the space.  
  • The temperature around your vehicle quickly changes. For example, driving from a heated garage into the cold, or after leaving a car wash.  

If you are still experiencing issues, contact your Concesionario Ford to have your vehicle serviced.

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