Where do I get service overseas on my Ford if am diplomatic or military personnel?

For owners stationed overseas with the United States military or diplomatic programs (e.g., State Department or U.S. Embassy), Ford Motor Company has an arrangement with the Overseas Military Sales Corporation (OMSC) to assist with service-related issues.

If you need to schedule service for your vehicle, contact OMSC so they can direct you to a participating service center (usually the local Ford Dealer or AAFES Garage). OMSC can administer garantía, Plan de Servicio Extendido Ford Protect, Retiros del Mercado, y Programas de Satisfacción del Cliente.

Customers Stationed in Europe

Military Car Sales
GMBH Westerbachstrasse 23E 61476
Kronberg Germany
Teléfono: 49 6173 704 256
Fax: 49 6173 704 254
Email: custserv@militarycars.com

Customers Stationed Outside Europe

Overseas Military Sales Corporation
100 Crossways Park West
Woodbury, NY 11797-2084
Teléfono: 1-516-921-2800
Teléfono: 1-800-669 1867
Fax: 1-516-677-3700
Email: custserv@militarycars.com