Where do I take my Ford after an accident?

After an accident, have the repairs performed by a reputable collision center whose work you can trust.

Ford recommends a collision center that will use Ford original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for the repair. El Ford Certified Collision Network (FCCN) provides you with collision centers dedicated to doing just that. 

Certified Makes All the Difference

FCCN centers are proven experts in Ford vehicles and repair procedures. They are focused on preserving the integrity of the vehicle and providing the safest possible repairs.

To provide you with the right repair, a collision center should know the distinct differences between OEM parts and substitute aftermarket, salvage, or counterfeit parts for your repairs. Beyond fit issues, non-OEM parts can result in a fix that ultimately compromises the safety and operation of your vehicle.

The Right Tools and Procedures Matter

The complexity of today’s vehicles makes it more important than ever to find a repair center that is up to the task of getting your vehicle back to pre-accident condition.

FCCN centers have the latest training, equipment, and repair procedures to handle intricate vehicle repairs.

Remember, even if your insurance company wants to steer you in another direction, you have the right to choose where you take your vehicle after an accident. With a network of more than 2,200 collision centers across the country, the FCCN ensures the right call is easy to make.

Find a FCCN location.

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