¿Cómo cancelo la suscripción al programa Ford SmartGrid Rewards?

If you are currently enrolled in SmartGrid Rewards through your utility provider and would like to unenroll:

  1. Log in to your SmartGrid Rewards account through your utility provider’s website.
  2. Click Unenroll on the SmartGrid Rewards dashboard.
  3. Click the Unenroll button on the next page to confirm that you want to unenroll from the program.
  4. Select all checkboxes that indicate the reason(s) you are unenrolling, and input any additional feedback you may have in the text field.
    Note: You must complete the Feedback page to unenroll from the SmartGrid Rewards program.
  5. Click Submit. You are now unenrolled from SmartGrid Rewards. On the SmartGrid Rewards dashboard, you will see the Status shows Unenrolled.