How do I install a Ford Charge Station Pro at home?

La camioneta F-150® Lightning™ completamente eléctrica te permite hacer mucho, pero instalar la Estación de Carga Ford Pro de 80 A lo debería hacer un electricista matriculado. This high-voltage, hardwired charger can cause injury to you and/or damage to your truck if the charging equipment is installed incorrectly.

The Ford Charge Station Pro comes with every F-150 Lightning with an extended-range battery. If you purchased a standard-range-battery model, you can purchase a Ford Charge Station Pro for home installation beginning in spring 2022.

This charge station should only be installed by licensed electricians. To find estimated cost and to schedule installation with our preferred installer, visit Sunrun can also provide more information about Ford Intelligent Backup Power, which requires a Ford Charge Station Pro (from Ford) and a Home Integration System (from Sunrun) to enable your F-150 Lightning to provide power to your home. You can also provide this home installation spec sheet to your licensed electrician when they arrive to begin enjoying safe, reliable and fast charging at home.