F-150® Lightning® Order Information

The following are answers to some of the most common questions regarding F-150 Lightning ordering and reservations. 

F-150 Lightning Ordering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Select from the following vehicle order and purchasing questions:

Is Ford still taking F-150 Lightning reservations?

No, the reservation system is now closed.

Can I order a 2024 Model Year (MY) F-150 Lightning?

More information will be available on ford.com early 2024, or you can visit your local Ford Dealer.  

Can I purchase an F-150 Lightning today?

Yes, there may be F-150 Lightning vehicles available in stock at select Electric Vehicle (EV)-Certified Ford dealers for purchase today. To verify availability, please visit ford.com or contact your local Ford Dealer. 

Can I change or update my current F-150-Lightning order?

You must contact your dealer to request any changes to your vehicle order.

Can you guarantee the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the F-150 Lightning?

Dealers are independent franchises. The final price you will pay for any vehicle (at, below, or above the MSRP) is agreed between you and a dealer. We recommend that all customers agree to a selling price with their dealer when an order is placed via a signed Purchase Agreement. 

Will dealers have an F-150 Lightning on their lot, so I can test drive one prior to ordering or purchasing?

Yes, F-150 Lightning vehicles are available to test drive at select Electric Vehicle (EV)-Certified Ford dealers. To verify availability, please visit ford.com or contact your local Ford dealer. 

¿Cuándo recibiré mi vehículo?

Actual delivery times may vary based on selected vehicle model and configuration, residency, and demand. Once your vehicle is scheduled to be built, you will receive notification from Ford and/or the dealer with updates regarding the status of your order.