F-150 Lightning Production Update Information

Production resumed on Mar. 13, 2023, after a temporary hold due to a battery issue. Revisa las Preguntas Frecuentes a continuación para obtener más información acerca de la interrupción temporal de la producción de la F-150 Lightning.

Preguntas Frecuentes sobre las Actualizaciones de Producción de la F-150 Lightning

What is the issue?

El problema tiene que ver con la batería. We have identified the root cause of this issue. 

How long will the stop-build last?

Production resumed on Mar. 13, 2023. 

Is there a stop-sale on F-150 Lightning vehicles?


Should existing F-150 Lightning customers be concerned?

We are not aware of any incidents of this issue in the field and do not believe F-150 Lightnings in customers’ hands are affected by this issue.

Why are you holding in-transit vehicles when you are not recalling any customer vehicles?

We believe we have identified the root cause of this issue, including the likely population of vehicles affected by this issue.

How can you determine the likely population of vehicles affected by this issue?

We monitor vehicle data to help ensure our vehicles are performing as expected in the field.

Is the Customer Service Action (23H01) issued in January 2023 related to this incident and the stop-build?

We do not believe these two issues are related.

What issue does Customer Service Action 23H01 tie to?

The customer service action issued on Jan. 27, 2023, is for specific owner vehicles equipped with battery modules that are not performing as intended, which may result in a degradation of the performance.

What does this mean for customers whose orders are being delayed? Are you notifying them?

Quality is our top priority. We are working to resolve this issue and will let customers know more as we learn more about their new order timing.